When plant and equipment needs repair, MRO organisations have to respond quickly as production and projects are costed and monitored more tightly today than at any time. The MRO industry landscape will continue to evolve and for MRO enterprises to become more efficient or maintain an existing advantage, they need to be more conscious than ever about maintenance and operational dynamics.

BelkavitzSloan support a wide range of MRO companies, from pure parts delivery and execution of services to integrated MRO providers that often take on additional responsibilities such as coordinating multiple parts and services categories and assuming responsibility for equipment performance. Providers of such highly integrated MRO services take on responsibility for manufacturers’ inventory, existing management and operations personnel, and implement IT solutions to monitor the flow of MRO products and services.

Covering every major industry sector including Aerospace, Automotive, FMCG, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy we provide specialist personnel in the following areas:

• Senior Level Appointments
• Technical Sales & Business Development
• Product& Marketing
• Operations & Maintenance
• Insite & Internal Sales

In such a fast paced and high service market BelkavitzSloan understand that customer service, delivery and range are paramount components in any product distributors capabilities and we are no different. Our UK wide reach and in depth market expertise allow us to support our clients wherever they are and within rapid response times.

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