The rapid evolution of technology is allowing products to find their way independently through the production process. In intelligent factories, machines and products communicate with each other, cooperatively driving production. This is what Industry 4.0 is: the road to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Industrial automation is the use of various control devices like PC’s/PLC’s/DCS, used to have control on various operations of an industry without significant intervention from humans and to provide automatic control performance. In industries, control strategies use a set of technologies which are implemented to get the desired performance or output, making the automation system most essential for business and safety critical industries.

Automation has enabled companies to become more competitive in their respective markets. This is because as the production process is more automated, human error is reduced, product quality become more consistent, and cost per part goes down due to increased production speeds and the reduction in resources required to produce the goods. BelkavitzSloan’s automation experts utilise their superior knowledge base and
unrivalled network across the UK and Continental Europe in attracting the very best talent.

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